About Us

Panel One Comics Society

Panel One is a collective of comics creators, from all disciplines and all career stages, working together to put a spotlight on local, original work. When we first started Panel One, local meant Calgary. We thought we’d likely have some folks from Southern Alberta and Edmonton interested in joining, but it has grown to the point where local now means Canadian. We have members in Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton, Lethbridge, B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba – we even have some Canadian members who are living and creating abroad in Ireland, Scotland and Singapore.

Panel One isn’t exclusively about indie comics – though the majority of us are working on creator owned, independently published work and we do love indie! But we also have members who are working for IDW, Marvel and other industry publishers.

The mission of Panel One is very simple: to work together to celebrate and promote the work being done by members, to turn heads towards the dedicated and talented people working in comics in Canada and to help one another succeed.

In the past year, the team that brought you last year’s event has incorporated to become the Panel One Comics Society (P1CS). This society is a non-profit group working to operate the show.

Meet the Board of Directors

Erin Millar, President
Joey Gruszecki, Vice-President
Malory Lyness, Treasurer and Secretary
Aaron  Navrady, Artistic Director
Jason Mehmel, Programming Director
Ashley Hartley, Marketing and Fundraising Specialist
Alexander Finbow, Director at Large
Ryan Ferrier, Director at Large
Steven Charles Rosia, Director at Large

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